Parents Touched When Pit Bull Welcomes New Baby Into The Family

We have a Pit Bull mix we rescued from a high-kill shelter when he was 6 months old. He was dumped off in a ditch like garbage.

When people meet him they sometimes look a little scared of him. Like just because he has a Pit Bull face he must be a monster. Something that will automatically kill like a machine.

Anyone who has met a Pit Bull or pit mix that was raised in a happy, healthy, loving home would know this couldn’t be true! Our dogs still has his issues, as any dog would after being abused but he is the BIGGEST love ever! Cuddly and sweet and gentle. NOT a killer!

This is a common fear for new parents and rightfully so. I was bitten by a protective Malamute mother when I was young. Some dogs are scary and have been trained by their people to attack first and it is nothing but tragic when a child falls victim to these mistreated dogs.

This was the biggest fear for a new father and the family Pit Bull-cross Zack. Continue to the next page to SEE what happened between the young girl and her dog!! Warning! You will need tissues!

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They are gental dogs just like any other animal it depends on how they are raised if you are kind and loving with them but if abused that what they learn just like our childern love them and they will show love


I love pit bulls I’ve always had one and they are all so gentle and loving ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Star Shelley

I too find that the pits bulls are the most lovely and sweetest gentle giant you can find. The worst breed we have are humans that abuse these sweet babies and any other dog for that fact. Cities, communities and some laws has to change.
Star Shelley

Diana Watson

This is such a sad story about Zack but I love that Sam took over I love that now your little girl has Two Guardian Angel’s looking down on her I think Pitbull are the nicest dog they do get a bad rap but it’s how you raise and treat them but if you love them and treat them like family you have a forever pet

Darlene Crane

PIT BULLS are the best dog.They are loving and they know when something is wrong. I Love my 2.

Dawn Cherie
I have no idea whether this is a true story or not, but I am inclined to believe it. I had a Pit Bull named Iggy. He was not only my best friend, he was my service dog. My husband bought him for me as a companion after I became disabled. After I started training him, his vet was thoroughly impressed with both of us. I did some research and decided to train him to help me. He was such a sweet boy. He was the runt of the litter so he was perfect. Not too big, not too small.… Read more »

I am glad I had my Kleenex next to me