Woman Sparks Outrage For Asking Police To Shoot Stray Pit Bull

Dog lovers, especially Pit bull lovers, are outraged over a woman who asked police officers to shoot a stray Pit bull who are not aggressive towards people. The woman herself filmed the situation that caused the outrage.

Jessica Dilallo was visibly distressed when a Pit bull was tearing up the bumper of her car. Apparently, two kittens were hiding underneath the vehicle which the stray Pit bull was desperately trying to get to.

Dilallo asked police officer Lt. Matthew Locke to shoot the dog. However, the officer refused.

In Locke’s defense, he said the dog is not aggressive towards humans and should not warrant such violent methods. Also, shooting the dog may actually cause him to become human aggressive.

He also said the proper authority to handle such case is animal control. If he try to pull the dog away from the car, it might attack him instead.

In the video, Locke said it’ll take the animal control an hour and a half to get to the scene. It contributed to Dilallo distress.

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