Dog Abandoned After He Lost His Eyes, Finds Happily Ever After In Girl Who Loves Like No Other

Dogs are easy to adopt and easy to abandon. We’ve seen it time and time again.

When they are no longer cute or are too old or don’t walk right anymore; it’s all too easy to get rid of them. It’s always the easier choice.

That’s what happened to Bear. Poor Bear lost his eyes to an accident and his life only went downhill from there.

Bear had a family. Unfortunately, he got hit by a car which took his sight. It was too much for her previous mom to take in so she gave him up. Animal control brought him to the vet for treatment.

His eyes could no longer be restored and had to be removed completely. Things were looking bleak for little Bear, given that he was disabled and a Pit bull!

Thankfully, a staff working at the vet clinic took a liking on Bear and decided to change his life forever. Go to the next page to see how a blind Pit bull is now living the life he deserves!

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