Two-Legged Pit Bull Gets Puppy Brother And The Love Is Out Of Control!

Here’s a fair warning before watching the video on the next page – you might keel over from way too much cuteness. Not even kidding. It’s so cute! A dog named Fifty is missing a front and a back leg. He lost his legs when he was shot by a police officer just for being a Pit Bull. Can you even imagine such cruelty? Some critics would say that a dog with such a major impairment should be euthanized.

Thankfully – a wonderful woman adopted him and has proved that such thinking was a ridiculous idea. Fifty is thriving. In fact, Fifty has become quite the celebrity on social media and has helped promote dog rescue and adoption throughout the world! Fifty recently got a new foster brother – and it just happens to be the CUTEST PUPPY EVER! It’s like a little mini Fifty! Her name is Jane and you have to see her on the next page!

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