Three Legged Pit Bull Puppy Is Changing The Way People Look At Pit Bulls

Pit bulls always get a bad rap. They are vicious and aggressive. Once they bite, they won’t let go.

But these are stereotypes. Pit bulls need compassion and understanding the most, as those who end up in shelters are often victims of backyard breeding and dog fighting. They attack because they are terrified.

That’s why Chunk, a three-legged Pit bull, is here to break the stigma. He has no mean bone in his body!

Chunk was first brought to Chicago municipal shelter in late August. The lady who took her there said she found her abandoned by the side of the road.

The poor pup had a wound on one of her legs from what seemed to be an old bite wound. Thankfully, volunteers for Chicagoland Rescue Intervention and Support Program, or CRISP, were at the shelter that day. ‘

CRISP is a coalition of eight rescue organizations in the area who help prevent animal from ending up at the shelter.

One of the member organizations, One Tail at a Time, stepped up to the plate. They rushed Chunky to the vet, where they determined that her leg was too risky to save. It will put her at risk of sepsis (even death) so the safest option was to amputate it.

But it didn’t faze Chunky. She was such a fighter.

Heather Owen, One Tail at a Time’s executive director, said she “was up and walking the next day. She is a whippersnapper and then some. She’s feisty in the best way possible.”

Meanwhile, Chris Ryan had just retired from her job as teacher for 15 years. She was looking for something else to get busy about and stumbled across Chunky’s photo on Instagram.

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