This Pit Bull Sprung To Action As Coyotes Had Family Cat By The Neck

People might as well do away with any negative stereotypes about Pit Bulls. Because this is yet another story of a pit bull dog becoming a true hero. The sweet dogs name is Jack and he is a rescue dog.

He also happens to live with a rescue cat named Kitty.  Now, you might immediately assume that a Pit Bull dog and cat would not get along right? Well in this case that could not be further from the truth.

They actually became instant best friends. They became so close in fact, that Jack would do anything to protect his  cat buddy. Even if that means putting his own life in danger. I just can’t help but smile everytime I read a heartwarming story involving a pit bu ll. 🙂

Sorry…I digress. Getting back to the story…One day – two coyotes had gotten a hold of Kitty in the backyard. One had her by the neck and the other by her tail. It was a very serious situation. But once Jack saw what was happening, he took action. 

He ran so fast and hard – he needed to rescue his friend and the coyotes were beginning to shake her violently.

Jack was there just in time and was able to rescue his dearest friend Kitty. He’s now her guardian angel all the time and never leaves her side. 

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