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Three Legged Pit Bull Puppy Is Changing The Way People Look At Pit Bulls

Pit bulls always get a bad rap. They are vicious and aggressive. Once they bite, they won’t let go. But these are stereotypes. Pit bulls need compassion and understanding the most, as those who end up in shelters are often victims of backyard breeding and dog fighting. They attack because they are terrified. That’s why […]

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Pregnant Shelter Dog Is Too Stressed Out To Give Birth. Then A Couple Walks In And Changes Everything

Shelter is a stressful place for a dog, even more so for a pregnant dog. That is why when pregnant Pit bull Storie ended up at the shelter, she was absolutely reluctant to give birth to her puppies there. Storie was already due. She could give birth any minute. However, it’s as if she’s determined […]

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Couple Suddenly Lost Their Dog. One Month Later, 2 Sweet Dogs Walked Into Shelter

Watching a dog pass away is one of the hardest thing a doting dog owner would have to go through. But there’s a special kind of pain to losing your dog without a warning. It is absolutely devastating. Kari Ceicys and her husband, Ian are totally devoted to their dog Sadie. They loved her so […]

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Shelter Pit Bull Becomes Comfort Dog To Cancer Patients At Treatment Center

Mandy Weikert thought she would never fall in love with another dog again. When her dog passed, she was convinced that she will never have that same connection again. Therefore, when she drove to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, she was terrified to go in. But then something caught her attention—one of the happiest Pit bulls […]

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Traumatized Dog Can’t Stop Staring At The Wall

A heavily traumatized dog refuses to look at anyone when he arrived at the shelter. Instead, he faces the wall to make himself feel safe! Tammy Graves, founder of The founder of a pet rescue organization The Haley Graves Foundation, was visiting a shelter when a sight broke her heart. A traumatized dog, frozen in a […]

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