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Rescued Pit Bull Is Obsessed With Shaking Hands With His Owner

A rescued Pit bull has a secret that his adoptive family did not know about him! Harvey the Pit bull is completely obsessed with shaking paws!!! It came as a sweet surprise to Harvey’s family when the rescued Pit bull won’t stop giving his paw to whomever he can. It seems like this family has […]

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10 Celebrities Who Love Their Pit Bulls

Celebrities are known for their recognizable faces, lavish lifestyles, and great talents (sometimes that could be questionable!) They can afford and have almost anything they want so it’s always a wonderful thing when you see that they’ve chosen a Pit Bull as their pet and companion. Here is a list of 10 celebrities who absolutely […]

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Police Officer Rescues Abused Pit Bull And Changes His Life Forever

Police officers are a vital part of our society – they serve and protect our communities and help keep our neighborhoods and families safe from harm. This story is no exception. Sometimes – police officers go above and beyond their call of duty and do something so extraordinary.   It just might bring you to […]

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