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They Heard Crying From An Abandoned House, Finds Pit Bull Tied Up To Radiator

Each abandoned dog story is a sad one. The way that people leave behind their trusted four-legged fiends is just heart breaking. Such is the case of JD, a Pit Bull who was left abandoned in the worst of ways. When neighbours first heard JD’s barking, they didn’t think much of it. As we all […]

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Abused Pit Bull Bred Over A Dozen Times Finds Happy Ending

An abused Pit bull finds her happily after following an 8-year-long abused. Nana the Pit bull has suffered gravely in the hands of her former owner. Animal abuse is wrong, and it’s hard to fully grasp the full extent of its horridness unless you’re out there on the field doing rescue. I can only imagine […]

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Woman Shocked When Foster Pit Bull Puts Newborn Puppies On Her Lap

This is one of the most incredible displays of trust I’ve ever seen. It makes my heart melt. When Grayce the rescue Pit bull gave birth to 11 newborn puppies, she placed them one by one on the lap of Stevoni Wells Doyle, her foster mom. Doyle couldn’t believe her eyes. The foster Pit bull […]

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Rescue Pit Bull Enjoys Beach For The First Time

A rescue Pit bull could not be happier as he experiences beach for the first time. Perhaps, this may also be the first time that he’s actually living life. There is nothing better in the world than the feel of a cool Budweiser in your hand, the sting of a light breeze against your cheek, […]

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