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They Rescued An Adorable Pit Bull Mix, Then Noticed He Could Barely See Or Breathe

Right off the bat, odds were stocked against Toby, a sweet Pit bull mix who used to live in the mean streets of South Carolina. At a tender age of 6 months, Toby is the recipient of life-threatening injuries: a damaged eye, crushed nasal passages and missing teeth. As if his injuries weren’t bad enough, he […]

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Deaf Puppy Abandoned After Suffering From THOUSANDS Of Bee Stings

As if being a deaf puppy isn’t bad enough, this unhearing Pit bull puppy is really down on his luck after getting abandoned. Why? Because he got stung by BEES. And by bees, I don’t mean five or ten bees. The poor pup fell victim to THOUSANDS of bee stings! Ironically named Stinger, the 10-month-old […]

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