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Runaway Pit Bull Comes Home Healthy And Fed, Then Owner Sees Who’s Been Taking Care Of Her

When Alexis Moraza’s Pit bull Marilyn ran away from home six months ago, she never expected to receive a call. She thought she was gone forever. But six months later, the police rang her with good news. They found her missing dog! Moraza has had Marilyn as a pup, since she was 8 weeks old. […]

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They Heard Crying From An Abandoned House, Finds Pit Bull Tied Up To Radiator

Each abandoned dog story is a sad one. The way that people leave behind their trusted four-legged fiends is just heart breaking. Such is the case of JD, a Pit Bull who was left abandoned in the worst of ways. When neighbours first heard JD’s barking, they didn’t think much of it. As we all […]

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They Said Loving Pit Bull Might Hurt Guinea Pigs But She Proves Them Wrong

Pit Bulls are probably the one breed that suffer most from racial profiling. People just assume that underneath that rough exterior sits a rough interior to go along with it. Here’s one loving Pit Bull who shows us that it’s often just the opposite that rings true. When Moki, a loving Pit bull was added […]

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Cute Pit Bull Skillfully Tiptoes Around Sleeping Cat

Pit bulls are stereotyped as aggressive and vicious dogs. However, those who own them and have been around them long enough to know what they’re actually like, can attest to just how wonderful they can be. Redd, a 5-year-old Pit bull, is a sensitive soul. At his foster home, he had to pass a sleeping […]

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Friendly Pit Bull Rescues Another Dog From Starvation

A friendly Pit bull rescued a terrified German Shepherd from imminent starvation and death. The latter was so afraid she was running away from rescuers and the help that she needed. No Kill Kern once more sparks up the headlines with a harrowing feat of Samaritanism. This animal rescue operation has been getting a lot […]

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