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Fearless Pit Bulls Rushed To The Vet After Saving Two Children From Venomous Snake

Two fearless Pit bulls are hailed heroes in their community after saving two children from a venomous snake! The snake had been spotted before and the dogs were apparently on the look out! Pit bulls Paco and Slayer were rushed to the veterinarian after they battled a copperhead snake that was lurking in backyard of […]

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Officers Love And Comfort Terrified Pit Bulls Abandoned On Street

These terrified Pit bulls feel love, care and safety after they were abandoned by their former owner. Three police officers provided them the warmth that they so badly needed. Patrick Hennessey of Orange County, Florida was on his way to work at the crack dawn when he noticed two Pit bulls in the street. They […]

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Rescue Pit Bull Enjoys Beach For The First Time

A rescue Pit bull could not be happier as he experiences beach for the first time. Perhaps, this may also be the first time that he’s actually living life. There is nothing better in the world than the feel of a cool Budweiser in your hand, the sting of a light breeze against your cheek, […]

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