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Dog Abandoned Outside Cat Shelter With His Belongings Finally Goes Home!

People who work in shelter are no strangers to pets left at their door step. It’s the job, and it is a hard one. However, Maggie Morris of  Project Purr Animal Rescue was not quite prepared for what she was about to witness in the parking lot of her shelter one fine day. A poor Pit […]

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Family Can’t Stop Fostering Pit Bulls After Adopting One

Pit bulls do not get a lot of love. When they end up in a shelter, they are always last to get adopted. People think they are naturally aggressive, and that they have to go once you have children. That’s why what this Fresno family is doing for Pit bulls is so important. They can’t […]

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Pit Bull’s Eyes Light Up As Mom Wakes Him With Peanut Butter

A sleeping Pit bull is pretty deep into dream land when something he can’t possibly resist snaps him back to reality. It was a ladle full of peanut butter! This is a pretty nifty trick to wake up a sleeping dog without making him cranky or snappy. Just like people, dogs do not appreciate when their […]

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Devastated Pit Bull Has Tears In His Eyes After Family Leaves Him At High-Kill Dog Shelter

Once a dog ends up in a dog shelter, there’s no guarantee of a new home. But imagine being a Pit bull in such a situation–and imagine being a Pit bull dog in a high-kill facility. When a Pittie named Blue King was dropped off at Carson dog shelter by his owners, they pretty much […]

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They Heard Crying From An Abandoned House, Finds Pit Bull Tied Up To Radiator

Each abandoned dog story is a sad one. The way that people leave behind their trusted four-legged fiends is just heart breaking. Such is the case of JD, a Pit Bull who was left abandoned in the worst of ways. When neighbours first heard JD’s barking, they didn’t think much of it. As we all […]

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sweet pit bull

UPS Driver Adopts Sweet Pit Bull On Her Route After Owner Passes Away

If you think of dogs and mail, you think of an age-old rivalry. A rivalry that has been portrayed and immortalized in various cartoons and movies. Dog vs. mailman. In reality, the two get along quite often. Such is proven by this UPS driver and her sweet Pit Bull. Katie Newhouse has been working as […]

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loving pit bull guinea pig

They Said Loving Pit Bull Might Hurt Guinea Pigs But She Proves Them Wrong

Pit Bulls are probably the one breed that suffer most from racial profiling. People just assume that underneath that rough exterior sits a rough interior to go along with it. Here’s one loving Pit Bull who shows us that it’s often just the opposite that rings true. When Moki, a loving Pit bull was added […]

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Abused Pit Bull Bred Over A Dozen Times Finds Happy Ending

An abused Pit bull finds her happily after following an 8-year-long abused. Nana the Pit bull has suffered gravely in the hands of her former owner. Animal abuse is wrong, and it’s hard to fully grasp the full extent of its horridness unless you’re out there on the field doing rescue. I can only imagine […]

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pit bull tuna

Cute Pit Bull Abandoned At Shelter For His Massive Overbite

Everyone, meet Tuna. He is a purebred Pit bull born with a massive overbite. However, that doesn’t stop him from smiling and looking at life with hope. Tuna’s energy is infectious. He loves belly rubs and tennis balls. Unfortunately, due to his appearance, he was abandoned at the Dekalb County Animal Shelter in Georgia. While […]

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pit bull snake

Pit bull Saves Three Children From Venomous Snake That Snuck Inside The House

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier is hailed a hero after he saved three children from a venomous snake. The snake snuck inside the house after the family left a screen door open. It’s hard to imagine what could have happened to Brendan, 7, Jared, 6, and Sarah, 3 if it weren’t for their trusty dog Zena. […]

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