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Three Legged Pit Bull Puppy Is Changing The Way People Look At Pit Bulls

Pit bulls always get a bad rap. They are vicious and aggressive. Once they bite, they won’t let go. But these are stereotypes. Pit bulls need compassion and understanding the most, as those who end up in shelters are often victims of backyard breeding and dog fighting. They attack because they are terrified. That’s why […]

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Pit Bull Wears Beautiful Clothes And Accessories, But Underneath She Hides A Secret

There are millions of dogs with good families who love and care for them. On the other hand, there are those who get the bad end of the stick and end up abandoned in shelters and streets. Of all the dog breeds, Pit bulls are probably among the most unfortunate. Their best attributes both in […]

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Police Rescues Pit Bull Who Fell Into River, And Were Stunned To See Who Kept Him Company!

We always turn to our friends in times of distress. Their understanding and company gives us courage and strength to face the adversity that is in front of us. When this Pit bull fell and got lost into a river, his family were unsure how he was going to make it. The dog struggled in […]

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Pit Bull Dragged Behind A Bike And Then Abandoned When She Couldn’t Run Anymore

A white Pit bull collapsed from heat and exhaustion after she was forced to run behind a bike for a very long time. Her rescuers are unsure how long she had been running but the dog clearly suffered so much. When she couldn’t get up anymore and on the verge of passing out, her owners […]

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Dog Left Tied To A Tree For Weeks Surprises Everyone With What She’s Been Hiding!

It is sad that Pit bulls are stereotyped as aggressive and mean dogs. Those who have owned and really know the breed can attest to how loving and loyal they can be. Thanks to these deadly stereotypes, Lara, a Pit bull mix, was left tied to a tree in the woods in Greece. The villagers […]

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Cats Adopt Pit Bull Puppy After His Own Mother Tried To Eat Him

Cruel things happen in this world—to both humans and animals. They aren’t always necessarily brought by people who try to do harm; sometimes, nature just takes it’s course. Nicolas, a Pit bull puppy, was born in a litter of eight. His mother was a stray. He was taken away from his mother at a young […]

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Pit Bull Tied To A Pole Finds Loving Home And Now Has His Own Patio

When you see Tater Tot now, you would think he’s a spoiled dog who is lucky to be adopted by such a wonderful owner. But you won’t believe the hell he had to go through to get at this point. Tater Tot was found tied to a pole on New Year’s Eve. He was sick, […]

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Dog Became Deformed After Being Caged For Two Years –Now He’s Finally Free

Dogs have ”denning” instincts, which means they occasionally love stay in their crates, hide in tight spots or cover themselves in blanket to feel secure and comfortable. Although they are not entirely den animals because they spend most of their time outdoor,  or would rather to, they do enjoy some time in their own private […]

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Fearless Pit Bulls Rushed To The Vet After Saving Two Children From Venomous Snake

Two fearless Pit bulls are hailed heroes in their community after saving two children from a venomous snake! The snake had been spotted before and the dogs were apparently on the look out! Pit bulls Paco and Slayer were rushed to the veterinarian after they battled a copperhead snake that was lurking in backyard of […]

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Pit Bull Taken Off Death Row And Sent To Prison, And It Totally Changed His Life

People go to prison for doing bad things, but it can also be a place of redemption; a place to think of the things you did wrong and hopefully come out of it a better person. Right now, some really good and ingenious people are working on turning prisons into the saving grace of unloved […]

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