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Senior Pit Bull Celebrates His First Birthday Party In The Home He’s Always Dreamed Of

What does every homeless dog want in life? A loving family, of course – whether they realize it or not. Meatball, a senior Pit bull, happily celebrated his first birthday. He is 10 years old, but his family does not want to count all the bad years he spent in the hands of his abusers […]

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Dog Abandoned Outside Cat Shelter With His Belongings Finally Goes Home!

People who work in shelter are no strangers to pets left at their door step. It’s the job, and it is a hard one. However, Maggie Morris of  Project Purr Animal Rescue was not quite prepared for what she was about to witness in the parking lot of her shelter one fine day. A poor Pit […]

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Woman Shocked When Foster Pit Bull Puts Newborn Puppies On Her Lap

This is one of the most incredible displays of trust I’ve ever seen. It makes my heart melt. When Grayce the rescue Pit bull gave birth to 11 newborn puppies, she placed them one by one on the lap of Stevoni Wells Doyle, her foster mom. Doyle couldn’t believe her eyes. The foster Pit bull […]

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