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HORRIBLY Abused Dog Treated To The Best Day Ever!

There are a lot of bad people in this world who do some pretty terrible things to dogs (and animals in general). And we don’t know exactly why they do them for the most part which makes it even more scary. Last July a beautiful pit-mix named Caitlyn was found by the Charleston Animal Society. […]

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Abused Pit Bull Bred Over A Dozen Times Finds Happy Ending

An abused Pit bull finds her happily after following an 8-year-long abused. Nana the Pit bull has suffered gravely in the hands of her former owner. Animal abuse is wrong, and it’s hard to fully grasp the full extent of its horridness unless you’re out there on the field doing rescue. I can only imagine […]

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Neighbor Snaps Heartbreaking Photo Of Sweet Pit Bull Abandoned By Family Like Trash

A man snaps heartbreaking photo of a sweet Pit bull dumped like garbage when a Michigan family decided to move away. They left him on a curb along with unwanted furniture. To many of us, dogs are family. We will never abandon them come hail, storm and fire. Apparently, not everyone who gets a dog […]

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They Rescued An Adorable Pit Bull Mix, Then Noticed He Could Barely See Or Breathe

Right off the bat, odds were stocked against Toby, a sweet Pit bull mix who used to live in the mean streets of South Carolina. At a tender age of 6 months, Toby is the recipient of life-threatening injuries: a damaged eye, crushed nasal passages and missing teeth. As if his injuries weren’t bad enough, he […]

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Overprotective Pit Bull & Litter To Be Euthanized, Then Someone Took A Chance On Them

Can you imagine putting down animals just hours after they are born? The thought of it makes your heart sink, does it? But it is a fact. It’s a reality many shelter staff live with on a daily basis. They don’t like it one bit but it has to be done. That was the fate […]

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Heroic Puppy Leads Lost Pit Bull Back To His Owners In Beautiful Rescue!

Meet Prince, not the artist formally known but the dog. Prince is one of the cutest Pit Bulls you’ll ever meet. The good people at No Kill Kern were on the lookout for Prince. They had gotten reports of a dog wearing a collar, striding aimlessly and lost across a neighborhood. Obviously, he was a […]

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