Sweet Pit Bull Is So Gentle With This Chicken – The Chicken Couldn’t Be More Grateful

A chicken named Rosie lost her sister named Daisy and her life completely changed. She found it hard to trust anyone or anything. It was going to take a lot of effort to convince her that life could be good again.

Crystalyn Corso and her husband love taking care of animals and happened to fall in love with their landlord’s chicken; they decided they wanted a rescue chicken of their own. They found a backyard breeder that was unable to take care of the number of chickens on his property.

“When we arrived it was apparent that we had to take the two chickens that needed us the most,” Corso told The Dodo. “The farmhand told us, ‘If you take these two you will be saving their lives.’ So that’s what we did.”

When they first arrived at the Corso’s home, Rosie and Daisy were severely malnourished and balding. They had never been outside before and were only used to produce as many eggs as possible.

“The first thing they got to do was have free range in the natural sunshine,” Corso said. Continue to the next page for more on this story. Just wait until Maggie comes along.

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