Neighbor Snaps Heartbreaking Photo Of Sweet Pit Bull Abandoned By Family Like Trash

A man snaps heartbreaking photo of a sweet Pit bull dumped like garbage when a Michigan family decided to move away. They left him on a curb along with unwanted furniture.

To many of us, dogs are family. We will never abandon them come hail, storm and fire. Apparently, not everyone who gets a dog feels the same.

The poor dog you will see next page will absolutely break your heart. While he looks so at peace sleeping on mattress, the reality of the situation couldn’t be more upsetting.

His family left him behind along with the mattress they no longer needed. That mattress is the only thing that’s keeping him warm.

Thankfully, they had an angel of a neighbor. His heart sank when Boo’s family came back for their other belongings but did not take sweet Pit bull with them. That’s when he realized Boo’s not going to be a part of their future.

He decided to take matters into his own hands. He stepped up for Boo and took to social media a plea for help. Turn to the next page.

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