Sweet Family Pit Bull Stolen, Finally Comes Home 2 Years Later!

When I was little I had a dog named Lucy. She was my best friend and followed me everywhere. She also loved all people and was the official greeter of our neighborhood.

One Halloween Lucy got out and followed some trick or treaters that had come to our door. We thought this because she was so friendly and might have been confused at who they were.

It’s safe to say my whole family was devastated. We put up posters, offered a reward and prayed every night for Lucy’s safe return.

About 3 weeks later we got a phone call from my brother’s friend who had found Lucy! She looked well fed and happy. We still don’t know exactly what happened or where she was that whole time but no one in our family slept well until she was safely home.

When a pet simply disappears without an explanation it’s a hole that can’t be filled and never really goes away. One family had this feeling for over a year. Continue to the next page to WATCH an UNBELIEVABLE twist of a missing family pit bull!!

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