Sick Man Abusing Pet Dog On Train Gets What He Deserves

No one was watching the CCTV real time. But fate works in mysterious ways.


Ronnie was so terrified of Killean he pooped himself on the seat. When train staff found the excrement, they decided to investigate.

They went for the tapes and that’s how they found out about the abuse.



Killean pleaded guilty to animal cruelty at Chelmsford Magistrates Court. He will serve 21 weeks in jail. He also got a LIFETIME ban from keeping animals!

“I welcome today’s sentence as it has taken a violent dog abuser off the streets,” said Police Sergeant Steven Maguire from British Transport Police.

“Milledge’s cruel beating of his dog was simply inexcusable and I am pleased that he now has an indefinite ban from keeping animals”.

Hurray for justice.

Killean will also get extra six months jail time for possession of bladed article and another eight weeks for violating a suspended sentence order.

H/T ITV News

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Terry Stokes

I’m disgusted that this monster did this to a defenceless fur baby he shouid of got longer in my opinion scum of the earth


where is dog now?