Shelter Pit Bull Becomes Comfort Dog To Cancer Patients At Treatment Center

One day, Weikert brought Lady to her work. She is an FHL Blood and Cancer Specialists in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. She used to bring her former dog to the center in order to comfort the patients. Her then dog was good at it.


Surprisingly, Lady started doing the same thing Weikert’s other dog used to do. She was comforting cancer patients! Lady was so good at it that the patients didn’t realize it wasn’t the same dog!

“Before I’m even ready, she is out sitting by the car. She brings them the same things she brings me,” said Weikert. “She makes people laugh and makes people smile and makes people forget why they are there. When they are with Lady, they are not cancer patients anymore. They are just people who are happy.”

This story points out that shelter dogs are good dogs. They are not broken, and if you give them a chance to prove themselves, they will. Lady, for instance, is a joy not only to her owners but to people who are gravely ill from cancer.

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“The reason this story is so big is that it’s an amazing example of what shelter pets can do. Shelter pets are not broken animals,” said Bailey Deacon, BARC’s director of communications. “When people come to a shelter, they are looking for comfort and care. Lady is a service animal not just to one person but to every person that comes through that clinic.”

I hope there’s more that can be done for shelter dogs. Rescuing dogs is a noble cause, but the goal has always been that one day, we won’t have to anymore.

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