Shelter Pit Bull Becomes Comfort Dog To Cancer Patients At Treatment Center

Mandy Weikert thought she would never fall in love with another dog again. When her dog passed, she was convinced that she will never have that same connection again.

Therefore, when she drove to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter, she was terrified to go in. But then something caught her attention—one of the happiest Pit bulls she had ever seen came running out of the door and into the play area of BARCS.

“I was just afraid. It was hard to go there, because it reminded me of my last dog and I was convinced I would never have that connection again,” said Weikert. “When she came out she was just goofy, she was running around and falling off things and just perfect. She made me laugh. And I just thought ‘She is always going to make me laugh…’ ”

Laura Griffiths, volunteer coordinator for BARCS, knew that Lady was special. She was sad that everyone who was looking for a pet to adopt were passing lady by. Perhaps it was because she’s a Pit bull.

“I knew when I met Lady that she would be a great match for Mandy and [her fiancé Chris Kimple],” said Weikert, who met Weikert when she arranged the adoption of Weikert’s first dog. “And it was love at first sight.”

When Weikert finally brought Lady home, she was waiting for some for form of breakdown to manifest. Surprisingly, Lady did not exhibit any bad behavior. She was calm, happy and just downright perfect.

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