Senior Pit Bull Celebrates His First Birthday Party In The Home He’s Always Dreamed Of

What does every homeless dog want in life? A loving family, of course – whether they realize it or not.

Meatball, a senior Pit bull, happily celebrated his first birthday. He is 10 years old, but his family does not want to count all the bad years he spent in the hands of his abusers so they deem this as his first birthday.

“Because it was his first year in a loving home and we don’t want to count all the crappy years that had passed by previously for him,” Kimberly Koster tells The Dodo.

Last year, Meatball was tied to a fence in the pouring rain. He had swollen face, cuts on his chest and behind the ears. He also had puncture mark all over his body.

It was clear that Meatball suffered unimaginable abuse and then abandoned in the worst condition ever. They didn’t care if he died.

Koster and husband Kevin met and fostered Meatball for group Play for Pits. The couple are experienced with Pitties, having four rescues themselves.

Turn to the next page to see how Meatball’s story progresses. If only all Pit bull find this kind of fairy tale ending.

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