Stray Pit Bull Learns To Trust People Through Cuddles

Pretty much all Pit bulls wandering in streets alone have the same story; they were abandoned, neglected or just strays from the getgo. What little interaction they had with people probably did not go too well for them.

Therefore, stray Pit bulls are definitely wary of people, even if their intention is to help. That is certainly how it was for April.

April was wandering alone. She was visibly pregnant and ready to pop anytime soon!

She scared of everything, especially people. What little encounters she had with them probably were bad experiences for her.

Thankfully this little angel was taken off the streets. Even though she was terrified of people, her foster mom believed in her and showed it in the best way possible– by fostering her!

Her mom showed her kindness and love. What really cured her wariness of people are cuddles!

That’s right folks, CUDDLES!

It is the ultimate gesture of love. It makes you feel safe. The world is warmer with a nice soft glow when you’re in someone’s arms!

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