Pit Bull Puppy Left To Die In Negative Temperatures!!

You hear about adorable puppies and the people who abandon them all to often right? Maybe they are people who either weren’t responsible to have their dogs fixed and ended up with an unwanted litter, or didn’t realize how much work dogs are, or maybe they are just terrible people.

There are many reasons dogs end up at shelters, old dogs and puppies alike. All these dogs all have a person in common who just didn’t want to or weren’t able to fulfill their responsibilities. They all were left behind.

There is however a right and a wrong way to go about this. My rescue dog was found in a ditch as a 5 month old puppy. Left by his owner to die. After 6 years he finally lets us pet him on the head without flinching. This would indicate not only was his previous owner horrible for dumping him like garbage but it is most likely my little love was abused as well.

These horror stories are what makes no-kill shelters and animal rescue organizations so important. If the person is a good, decent human they can leave their dog to the care of these shelters in a responsible manner. And the organizations give the innocent animals a real chance at a happy life. They have a mission to try and right the wrongs that have been done to these dogs by bringing them to their forever homes and families.

One pup needed these organizations while she was fighting for her life in -4 degree temperatures. Continue reading on the next page about a pit bull puppy dumped off to die and her fight for survival!!

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