Police Rescues Pit Bull Who Fell Into River, And Were Stunned To See Who Kept Him Company!

We always turn to our friends in times of distress. Their understanding and company gives us courage and strength to face the adversity that is in front of us.

When this Pit bull fell and got lost into a river, his family were unsure how he was going to make it. The dog struggled in the river, waiting for help to come.

He was visibly terrified while trying his hardest to stay afloat. Luckily, the poor Pit bull was not alone.

He had a friend right behind him, cheering him on and keeping him alive. It was manatee!

Although these two do not speak the same language, there is no doubt in everyone’s mind that the manatee helped the dog survived his ordeal.

When the Tampa police arrived at the scene, they were stunned to see what was behind the struggling Pit bull. They snapped photos of the two in the water.

“This manatee kept our scared, wet pup company until TPD Marine Patrol could complete the rescue. You don’t see that every day, and it’s a great reminder [of] the importance of kindness,” the Tampa police said in a statement.

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