Police Ditching Pricey Dog Breeds And Training Unloved Pit Bulls To Be K9s

Pit bulls have been making headlines in the recent years for negative reasons. Dubbed as aggressive, vicious and unsuitable to be pets, Pit bulls are on the hot seat for things they have no control over.

Although there are many animals lovers who defend this wonderful breed, there’s just no end to the communities and politicians that are set on eliminating them. Not too long ago, Montreal put a ban on Pit bulls which thankfully was lifted soon after.

Now it bulls is making rounds again but for a good reason this time! Police departments are looking into this strong and loyal breed to become K9s.

Why you might ask? Because they are perfect for it!

Pit bulls are athletic dogs with unwavering loyalty for their guardians. They definitely have all the sought-after traits in K9s!

By training Pit bulls, police departments are going to save a significant amount of money! They are giving death row dogs a new lease in life in the process.

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