Pit Bull’s Paw Stuck In Fence – Her Boyfriend Won’t Leave Her Side

This is a heart melting story of devotion and loyalty between two dogs. The love between these Pit Bulls is truly amazing and something we can all learn from.

Their names are Zeus and Athena – as if their names weren’t adorable enough, wait until you read the rest of this story. You’re going to be in tears – don’t worry, it’s a happy ending.

Athena got her poor paw stuck in a chain link fence and Zeus refused to leave her side until help could come. But sadly – that took 2 days to happen.

She had gotten it stuck when attempting to climb over it. The poor thing was in excruciating pain and Zeus would not let her suffer alone.

Continue to the next page to see the rest of this story – it’s painful to hear the suffering she endured but there is a happy ending. You just have to see.

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What about the owners. 2 days in the fence and no charges filed? Really?


Stuck for 2 days? Where were her owners? Really ?!