Pit Bulls Gives Her Life To Save Family From Knife-Wielding Man

A Pit Bull named Lucy is being hailed a hero today – she saved her family from a man on a killing mission. Her family wants everyone to know about her heroic actions.

Lucy belonged to a man named Rodrick – and Rodrick lived with his mother named Lisa. One day – Lisa’s crazed ex-boyfriend broke into their apartment determined to kill Lisa. His plan? Stab her and anyone in her family that tries to stop him.

The man was able to hit Lisa across the head and when Rodrick tried to intervene he was stabbed in the arm. This is when Lucy decided to take action.

Going on the immediate defense – Lucy lunged at the knife-wielding man and immediately began grasping at him with her strong jaws.

But the man was so adamant on causing harm that he stabbed Lucy 3 times as she tried to protect her family. One of the stab wounds struck her neck.

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