They Heard Crying From An Abandoned House, Finds Pit Bull Tied Up To Radiator

Each abandoned dog story is a sad one. The way that people leave behind their trusted four-legged fiends is just heart breaking. Such is the case of JD, a Pit Bull who was left abandoned in the worst of ways.

When neighbours first heard JD’s barking, they didn’t think much of it. As we all know, it’s not uncommon for dogs to do so every now and then.

Things changed however when the barking went on for days. A next-door family grew suspicious and decided to alert the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals (RSPCA).

The RSPCA isn’t unfamiliar with calls like this. Neighbours worried about a pet’s well-being often contact them to ensure they’re being properly taken care of.

However, when one of their inspectors was sent over to check out the situation, local authorities had already broken into the home. What they encountered was poor JD; tied up and abandoned.

“We found JD in one of the bedrooms tied to a radiator with about 12 inches of chain so he couldn’t move very much,” deputy chief inspector with the RSPCA Anthony Pulfer recalls.

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