Pit Bull Tied To A Pole Finds Loving Home And Now Has His Own Patio

When you see Tater Tot now, you would think he’s a spoiled dog who is lucky to be adopted by such a wonderful owner. But you won’t believe the hell he had to go through to get at this point.

Tater Tot was found tied to a pole on New Year’s Eve. He was sick, abandoned and wounded.

Things were bleak for the poor pup. He needed emergency surgery, which thankfully was performed in the nick of time.

The damage to his body is too severe he needed another surgery. The vets said his chance of survival is 50/50, and they could not believe just how tough he was.

The dog survived his second surgery but they found out that his colon had to remove, which meant he will have to go through a third one! His rescuers were unsure what’s in store for him.

But Tater Tot turned out to be the most resilient dog they have ever seen. Sure, he had some really rough moments that made everyone questioned if he would ever make— but then he did!

After lots of rest and TLC, Tater Tot recovered from all three surgeries! He was ready to go home! Flip to the next page.

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