Pit Bull Taken Off Death Row And Sent To Prison, And It Totally Changed His Life

People go to prison for doing bad things, but it can also be a place of redemption; a place to think of the things you did wrong and hopefully come out of it a better person. Right now, some really good and ingenious people are working on turning prisons into the saving grace of unloved dogs as well.

There’s a program right now that’s sending death row Pit bulls to jail, not because they did something bad but to give them a second chance at life. There, the inmates will train the Pit bulls.

That’s right. Inmates! Pit bulls are not getting as much love that they deserve, thanks to their looks. Add behavior issues to that and it will be virtually impossible for this lovely breed to find forever homes.

There’s not enough budget and volunteers to train every homeless Pit bulls. However, there are many inmates whose got plenty of time. Why not pair up both?

The program is also beneficial for people serving time. Dogs provide the warmth and friendship that they could not get in correctional facilities.

”One of the things about jail is that there’s not a lot of touching. I think the dogs provide the contact. The guys get on the floor. They can roll around with the dog. They can express emotions with the dog that they might not be able to express in jail,” said Warden Bryan of Philadelphia Department of Prisons.

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