Pit Bull Sees Neighbor Being Abused By Her Husband And Does NOT Tolerate It

When you think of the Pit Bull dog breed what comes to your mind?  Many people would think they are scary and can be mean – but of course WE know better because we love them! They are sweet and gentle love bugs!

Time and time again we have read and seen incredible videos and stories regarding these incredible dogs. They constantly prove that they will protect their loved ones whenever they can!

Pit Bulls are known to create VERY strong bonds with their owners – they are extremely loyal. This means that when they see that they are threatened? You better watch out!

In the video on the next page – a Pit Bull sees domestic violence ensuing in the household. He starts to witness his beloved owner beginning to be abused by the husband in the same house. Not okay.

Continue to the next page to watch this INCREDIBLE video – it’s something you won’t soon forget. It’s just another story and video to add to the list of amazing Pit Bulls.

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