Pit Bull Ran Over By Train And Lost A Leg — When She’s Reunited With Man Who Saved Her, It’s Magical!

“It took nearly three hours from the train hitting her to animal control arriving, to them bringing her to BARCS for processing to us sending her immediately to an emergency clinic,” Bailey Deacon, director of communications at BARCS, told a fellow website. “But she never lost consciousness, which is why she’s a miracle. All details of the story point to her not making it, but she did.”

It was Kevin McMullen, an Amtrak officer, who initially removed her body from the train tracks. “He told us that – even in her moment of horror, as Molly was rapidly losing blood – she was trying to give him kisses as he lifted her,” BARCS said.


McMullen felt that he had a special bond with the sweet girl and knew he had to visit her at the clinic. It was a moment to remember.

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