Pit Bull Ran Over By Train And Lost A Leg — When She’s Reunited With Man Who Saved Her, It’s Magical!


A sweet, brave, and kind Pit Bull is now named Miracle Molly — and for good reason. After defying all odds, this miracle Pittie survived being run over by a train. All thanks to one very special Amtrak officer.

A stray dog in Baltimore, Maryland, had wandered into a tunnel without knowing that there was an Amtrak train barrelling down the tracks. Sadly, the train was moving far too quickly to be able to stop in time.

An alert was put out to all of the other incoming trains to stop them from approaching the tunnel. The Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter rushed to the scene, expecting to find a deceased dog.

When the rescue team entered the tunnel, they were prepared for heavy hearts. However, when they arrived, they found a one-year-old Pit Bull clinging to life. She was very seriously injured, but she was alive.

Miracle Molly had lost a leg and was losing a lot of blood, she needed medical attention immediately. Continue to the next page to see the rest of her miraculous story and how she was found in the first place.

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