Town Comes Together To Help Pit Bull Puppy Who Needs Surgery

We all can see on the news and in the papers that this world is getting tougher sand tougher every day. People are sad and hurtful towards each other.

Even for those who seem to have it all and come from the right background and place it can be tough. So can you even imagine being born not quite like everyone else?

On top of the everyday challenges people face, those with a disability or born differently have it even tougher. We have no control of how we are born and in this difficult world it’s so important to be nice to everyone.

Luckily dogs that are born differently don’t have it as tough as humans. They don’t have to face school or ridicule by cruel people. But these physical difficulties still impact them and will hinder their lives!

One sweet pit bull badly needed surgery because of the way he was born. Continue to the next page to WATCH this amazing story but beware you’ll need tissues when you SEE what happens!!!

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