Pit Bull Pup Rescued In A Shed Engulfed By Flames Is Now Saving Lives Too

We all face scary things every day and it’s just something we all live with. And as you get older you come to face the fact it’s a part of life right?

Then there are those people who see danger and terrible things and go into them head on. They are the brave men and women who work for our rescue agencies like fire, police and medical.

They risk their lives every single day facing down those terrifying things any regular human would run from. A building going up in flames? Yikes!!

It’s not just people they help but animals too. We’ve all heard the storybook call to the fire department that there’s a cat in the tree. But sometimes the situation is serious and dangerous and those firefighters race in without a second thought!

One little pup happened to be caught in a blazing shed. Continue to the next page to to SEE what happened!!!

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