Pit Bull Protects Dying Friend After They Were Dumped Together By Dogfighters

Dogs are the most loyal and loving companions one could ever ask for. Their kindness extends not only to humans, but fellow dogs as well.

Officer Russ “Wolf” Harper, cofounder of Justice dog Rescue, arrived at a park just outside Philadelphia to find two emaciated Pit bulls that were abandoned by dog fighters. One of them is obviously dying not only from neglect but also from the elements. Meanwhile, the other dog is protecting the weakened dog with all she’s got. She laid her head on top of her body to warm herself up and make him feel secure.

It was apparent that there wasn’t much life left to one of the dogs. Both emaciated Pit bulls, although young, have scars all over their body, which are indicative of the life they led all this time. It was obvious that the two dogs have been fighting since they were young. It’s probably all they ever knew. But there is so much more to this story.

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