Cute Pit Bull Abandoned At Shelter For His Massive Overbite

Everyone, meet Tuna. He is a purebred Pit bull born with a massive overbite. However, that doesn’t stop him from smiling and looking at life with hope.

Tuna’s energy is infectious. He loves belly rubs and tennis balls. Unfortunately, due to his appearance, he was abandoned at the Dekalb County Animal Shelter in Georgia.

While some people, including Tuna’s former carers, might find his overbite a turn off–there’s actually a millions of people all over the world who will love him just the way he is. Although he doesn’t know it yet at the time.

Dekalb County Animal Shelter loved Tuna and decided to share his story to the world. And the result is absolutely beautiful!

Turn to the next page to see Tuna and the overflowing love and support he got from people all over the world. There’s enough love in the world for everyone!

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