Pit Bull Once Chained To Junky Car Now Freed And Gets A Fitting Name

An animal rescue organization called Animal Rescue Corps made an extremely disturbing discovery last week. They arrived at an abandoned property littered with trash, junk, and old cars to find over 20 helpless dogs.

All of the dogs were tethered to posts or tied to the old rusting junky cars. They were heartbroken to find 3 dead dogs among the living.

If it wasn’t for Animal Rescue Corps – we’re certain that all of the dogs would have succumbed to the same fate. They were all terrified, emaciated, and exposed to the elements.

All of the dogs are currently healing, recovering, and waiting for adoption. One dog, a Pit Bull, stole the rescuers hearts.

The sweet dog was tied up to an old car and was on the brink of death. The precious pup was rescued JUST in time and the rescuers knew they had to give him an appropriate name for the struggles that he survived.

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