Pit Bull Dragged Behind A Bike And Then Abandoned When She Couldn’t Run Anymore

A white Pit bull collapsed from heat and exhaustion after she was forced to run behind a bike for a very long time. Her rescuers are unsure how long she had been running but the dog clearly suffered so much. When she couldn’t get up anymore and on the verge of passing out, her owners beat her up without mercy. When it became clear that she could not run anymore, they abandoned her by the side of the road. “She was being forced to run alongside a bike at a high rate of speed for her,” said Kristina Rinaldi, executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue. “When she collapsed, the men couldn’t get her back up, so they allegedly began beating her.”

Thankfully, passersby were there to witness the disgraceful act and helped the dog. They took her home but soon discovered that her too injuries were too severe for them to take care of her on their own. That’s when they phoned Detroit Dog Rescue for help. “After the men left the dog lying on the ground, those good Samaritans, thankfully, stepped in and took Penelope and called us.”

They rushed her to Oakland Veterinary Referral Services, a 24-hour vet clinic. There, they gave her the name Penelope. They found out the Penelope suffered abuse for a very long time. She was dehydrated, underweight and had prolapsed uterus due to having too many litters. Put heart worm on top of that.

Read more below to see what happens next. Penelope is such a tough cookie!

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