Pit Bull Wakes Owners To Save 2 Fighting Dogs Forced To Brawl To Death

Dogs are great friends, companions, and all around the perfect company to have. I take my dog with me everywhere and everywhere we go he has to say hi to everyone and every other dog he sees.

That’s because dogs are social animals, they are also very instinctual and always on high alert! I know when the big bad UPS man comes to our house my dog is right there letting him know this is his house.

And it helps that dogs are fiercely loyal too. They can sense danger and jump to protect their people and families against any trouble. This is what makes them such awesome protectors!

They can hear things we couldn’t even dream of hearing and sense sounds, smells, even the feeling of someone they don’t like from miles away. They are like living breathing security alarms programmed to alert us to anything suspicious.

So when a couple’s Pit Bull woke them up in the middle of the night, they were to say the least startled. Continue to the next page, you’ll die when you see why one special pit sounded the alarm!!

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