Pit Bull Wears Beautiful Clothes And Accessories, But Underneath She Hides A Secret

There are millions of dogs with good families who love and care for them. On the other hand, there are those who get the bad end of the stick and end up abandoned in shelters and streets.

Of all the dog breeds, Pit bulls are probably among the most unfortunate. Their best attributes both in physique and behavior have attracted people to pit them against each other.

Abigail the Pit bull was bred for dog fighting. She should have not survived what she did, but for some reason she made it. Many dogs fighters die in the ring.

While Abigail survived her ordeal, it was not without scars. She lost one of her ears and has scars all over her body.

Thankfully, Abigail is now safe in the hands of her mom Megan. She loves her dearly.

You will often find Abigail wearing beautiful dresses and donning accessories such as headbands. But it is not for merely entertainment’s sake.

Abigail’s mom go through such lengths to hide her scars and make her confident about herself.

Her past was as hard as she is beautiful in her garments. Turn to the next page for more.

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