Overprotective Pit Bull & Litter To Be Euthanized, Then Someone Took A Chance On Them

Can you imagine putting down animals just hours after they are born? The thought of it makes your heart sink, does it?

But it is a fact. It’s a reality many shelter staff live with on a daily basis. They don’t like it one bit but it has to be done.

That was the fate Scarlet the Pit bull and her babies almost had to go through. Scarlet was dumped at the shelter and shortly after, she gave birth to a litter of puppies.

But Scarlet was snappy after she gave birth. She was surrounded by strangers and she just had her babies. It was duty to protect them.

Due to Scarlet’s behavior, the shelter decided to put them all down –Scarlet and her puppies. Turn to the next page to see how Scarlet and her babies’ lives turn out.

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