Officers Love And Comfort Terrified Pit Bulls Abandoned On Street

These terrified Pit bulls feel love, care and safety after they were abandoned by their former owner. Three police officers provided them the warmth that they so badly needed.

Patrick Hennessey of Orange County, Florida was on his way to work at the crack dawn when he noticed two Pit bulls in the street. They were huddled so closely together and were terrified to separate. One of the dogs was clearly injured on one leg.

He phoned the Orange County Police Department and not too long after, two officers arrived to stay with the dogs until Animal Services arrived. Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs were such delightful presence to be around that the dog actually warmed up to them.

The dogs needed assurance and warmth and hugs–and the officers provided those things. They also treated the injured dog’s leg.

And the best part? There are photos to show the tender moment! Turn to the next page to see terrified Pit bulls fall in love with two police officers!

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