Man Caught On Cam Teasing Chained Pit Bull, Gets Dose Of Instant Karma When Dog Broke Loose

It is absolutely low to provoke a dog, even more so a dog who is in chains and could not adeptly defend himself. But the universe works in mysterious and was out to send a message in the video we are about to show you!

A man was caught on cam provoking a dog. The dog was a Pit bull breed or mix, and he was in chains.

The man probably thought that it was okay to provoke the dog since he iswas restrained by a metal strap tied to a wall. What could go wrong?

The dog went mad with rage as the man swayed from side to side, provoking every inch of his being. The man also howled and threw his hands in the air. Oh what he’s having!

But then the last thing the man expected to happen happened! The chain broke and the dog was lose.

His first instinct, of course, was to go after the man who’s been teasing him all this time.

Can we blame the dog? I think not. Turn to the next page to see video.

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