Loyal Pit Bull Dies While Helping Family Escape House Fire

Dogs are loyal creatures, and they have proven so time and time again. Hemi, a Pit bull mix, is another dog unfortunately gone too soon for trying to save his family from a house fire.

A family of four woke up to the barking of their dog around 4:30am in Naples, Maine. And thank goodness they did because their mobile home was ablaze.

Thanks to Hemi’s barking, all family members including another dog, were able to escape on time. Unfortunately, the loyal Pit bull died on the process.

Inside the home at the time of the fire were Chelsye Mason and boyfriend Vernon Brower; their daughter, Dakota, and Vernon’s brother, Gary. Their older daughter was not home at the time.

Vernon believes that Hemi died while following him to his brother’s room to wake him up.

Naples Fire Chief Chris Pond said the fire originated from the living room but they are unsure what caused it. The house was quickly consumed by fire due to the home’s water situation.

There’s no hydrant in the area and water has to be trucked and distributed through an above water mane. Turn to the next page to hear more about this loyal Pit bull. 

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