They Said Loving Pit Bull Might Hurt Guinea Pigs But She Proves Them Wrong

Pit Bulls are probably the one breed that suffer most from racial profiling. People just assume that underneath that rough exterior sits a rough interior to go along with it. Here’s one loving Pit Bull who shows us that it’s often just the opposite that rings true.

When Moki, a loving Pit bull was added to the family, she became the third furry sister of the household. The other two, however, are not dogs but guinea pigs!

For this reason Kristy Gamayo was told to keep Moki away from her new sisters. Her sisters are two Guinea Pigs Frida and Pandora. But Gamayo had other plans though, as she knew that the key to a happy household is getting along.

‘When we brought Moki home, we immediately introduced her to the piggies, and we saw that they were a perfect fit,” Kristy Gamayo recalls. “it really surprised me how well and quickly the three of them bonded.”

Since their first meeting, that very bond has only grown. Ideveloped into the most amazing of fuzzy friendships you’ll ever see. Flip to the next page to see more of this inseparable trio.

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