Little Girl Goes To Lay Down With Pit Bull And It Will Make Anyone Swoon

If you’re a fan of our website then we know we don’t have to tell you how amazing Pit Bulls are! Which is why we just love providing you with the best and most heartwarming stories we can find about the breed!

There’s been SO many great stories and videos of Pit Bulls being the biggest lovers you’ll ever come across. Did you see the one where the Pittie wouldn’t stop making out with his Chihuahua friend?

Or how about the one where a weatherman was trying to the deliver the forecast but got interrupted by a VERY adoring and kissy-faced Pit Bull?

Well the special relationship you will see between this girl and this pit bull dog definitely fits in these same categories. Basically pure cuteness overload. And we can’t get enough of them!

There’s a Pit Bull named Clark Kent who was given a second chance at life by a rescue organization. Clark is lucky to have a 3-year old little girl to play with! Wait til you see them interact!

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