‘Kill Em, Boy’: Guy Tells Pit Bull To Attack Cops, Dog Decides To Do Something Different Instead


There’s nothing more infuriating than hearing stories of Pit Bulls being raised to be something they’re not — like being attack dogs. But this story you’re about to hear has a little bit of a twist that you just might like.

It all started when cops in Riviera Beach, Florida were responding to a burglary call in action. When they arrived — they saw a man named Avery Davis, only 26 years old. They noticed he had a dog.

Avery Davis matched the description of the suspect perfectly and the police noticed that Avery was carrying packages in his arms. The cops also noticed that his dog was a Pit Bull.

The police ordered Avery to drop the packages but the burglar was not going to back down. This is when the confrontation began. He wasn’t going to turn himself in without a fight. So he started to run.

This is when Avery Davis took his dog off the leash and ordered him to attack the cops. But what happened next was the last thing he expected his dog to do. Continue to the next page for the ending of this incredible story!

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